My happy moment with AmirReza.

423923721_76156In every  picture they are always bring me to life when I look at them. My love to you forever. With great love;

Mama Nadia.


Book’s cover.

This is Smiles from tears’s back and front cover, which designed by Elizabeth Mackay, formatting by  Darkmantle designer, Editting and adaptation by Paper Gold publishing and thank you to the original translation : Sephr Samadkhani Fard, who were part of making this happened. I particulary love the picture on the cover myself as soon as I saw it. Enjoy your reading and hopefully will be seeing you on the next book soon.
God bless you all.
Nadia Tariqi.

A very special thanking message.

Greeting all bl0ggers from around the world,423915888_77233

I would like to make a special speech about the book ” Smiles from tears”, it  is the book that written and inspired by my beautiful son AmirReza. Whose always makes my world bearable and my days filled with love. Without him my life will be completely empty. Dedicated to all mothers that has to go through the emotional marriage and break up and divorce. If I can inspire you to find your way and finding yourself it will be an honoured. The journey of our lives are such wonderful, do not stay in your comfort zone because of the fear. Go out of your comfort zone and make a story or two. Live to inspire, to roar, to accomplished, to be a role model to someone, even just to one person at least you have make a different. Last but not least. I would like to say thank you to everyone that visiting my blog and read my book or thinking about purchased it. Thank you so very much I owe you for giving an opportunity to enter this space.
Thank you with all my heart;
Nadia Tariqi.